June 2013 – Mac Aid News

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Jimmy, our favourite Swede, has returned from Sweden refreshed and raring to go.

He has renewed his love for mountain biking, but is sadly shaken by Melbourne weather. Fair enough really, just look at those photos!

The view from Jimmy’s father’s house.


We would also like to announce that we have signed with a new partner, MB Recycling.
They take all computers, notebooks, mobile phones, printers, cables etc, and recycle them for us.
As our clients, you can give all of your unwanted electrical devices to the visiting technician. They’ll bring it back to our office and add them to the collection here that’s headed for MB Recycling.

If however you have a lot of items (more than 10 – 15 computers or so), we can organise MB recycling to get in contact with you directly. This means that they can organise a collection directly with you (the client). All you need to do is give us a ring, and we can ask MB to give you a call.


What electronics can be recycled?
MB Recycling is committed to offering a comprehensive e-waste recycling service to its clients. MB Recycling has the capacity to accept most electrical items, with a few exceptions such as refrigeration equipment and air conditioners. For full details of what MB Recycling can and cannot accept, please refer to the following list.
Products acceptable for recycling
Computer equipment and peripherals:
•Desktop PCs
•Laptop PCs
•Server equipment
•UPS Unit
•Switch Boards
•Keyboards/ Computer mouse
•Hard drives/ CPU/RAM
•PC Boards
•Data Cables/ PVC Cables
•Printed Circuit boards eg motherboards, video cards, sound cards
•Network and memory cards
•Floppy disc and CD drives
•Computer power supplies
Office & business equipment:
•Fax machines
•Scanners/ Printers
Mobile phones and telecommunications equipment:
•Mobile phones
•Other IT/Communications equipment
Audio visual electronics:
•Video and DVD players
•Hi-fi equipment, stereos, speakers and other entertainment appliances
•Electronic games e.g. joysticks, computer game consoles
•Cameras – digital or video cameras
•Medical & lab equipment
•Test equipment eg voltmeter
•Components eg heat sinks, transformers and resistors

Products Not acceptable for recycling
( Please be advice charges will apply on all product materials below )

Monitors: $1.50PK
All others$1.00PK
Household electronics: ( Charges will apply on all)
•Vacuum cleaners
•Alarm clock
•Air Conditioner
•Other household electrical appliances eg toasters, irons and kettles
•Power tools (drills etc)
Products NOT accepted in recycling process.( Charges will apply on all)
•CRT Monitors
•Televisions CRT
•Household Batteries
•Light Globes
•Fluorescent Tubes
•Halogen Lights
•Styro foam
•Smoke detectors
Tips for Disposal
•Save or delete important documents or files before disposing computer equipment.
•Be careful when lifting heavy equipment.
•Pack equipment safely and securely within the vehicle before transporting to recycling centre.




Business e-waste solutions

MB Recycling offers a complete range of e-waste recycling solutions to suit any business. MB Recycling range of e-waste solutions for business encompasses end-of-life solutions, secure destruction and re-use solutions. MB Recycling also works closely with established waste companies seeking to offer e-waste services to clients or not-for-profit organisations handling electronic waste.
End-of-life & secure destruction
MB Recycling offers a true end-of-life solution for your business electronic waste. End-of-life means nothing is re-used; everything is destroyed as part of the recycling process. Our processes ensure the electronic waste is useless in terms of information retrieval or re-use. Should you require a greater level of security, such as individual hard drive destruction, talk to us about tailored secure electronic waste solutions.