May 2013 – Apple News

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Have you ever experienced this awful moment: You are listening to some music on your iPhone, someone bumps into you, the phone falls on the ground, and when you pick it up the screen looks like a spiderweb?

This exact thing happened to both Jason (iPad Mini which fell off a table) & Wendy (iPhone 5) recently.

Did you know that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay for a brand new iDevice?

You can simply make an appointment with the Genius Bar at your local Apple Retail store, and they may replace/repair the device for a fraction of the price of a new device.

To start this process you only have to do two things:

Firstly back up your iDevice to your computer, as you will get a new, blank device when you are at the store. You will not be able to do a normal transfer like you would if you had just bought a new device.
If you require assistance with backing up your device we are more than happy to help you with that process.
Secondly follow the link below and make an appointment at your local Apple Retail Store.

Click here to book at the Genius Bar. 

The cost to replace the screen on Wendy & Jason’s devices were as follows:

  • iPhone screen replacement costs $269 INC GST
  • iPad Mini screen replacement costs $239 INC GST

These prices may vary as Apple now also offers repairs on iDevices in store so it may be a little more or less than this.



On another note, we’d also like to quickly mention that the WWDC is coming up next month (June 10 – 14th). Expect a thorough article of the event in next month’s newsletter.