July 2012 – Tip of the Month

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Tip of the Month

10 tips that don’t warrant an article each!


  • Use the Dictionary directly from Spotlight – click the Magnifying glass top right of the screen (or CMD & Spacebar) and type away.
  •  Quickly create folder for selected items – select multiple items on desktop, right click and select ‘New folder with selection’ (Command Z to undo)
  • Use Spaces? You can have different wallpapers for each desktop. You’ll find the System Preferences Change Desktop background option pertains to the currently viewed space and for future created spaces. It will leave existing spaces as they are now.
  • Command+Option+H to hide every window and application except for the foreground app (as opposed to just Command + H to hide the current app)
  • In most versions of OSX- the Option key also gives you different Menu options depending what you click on – ie Audio output options on the volume, battery condition (for portables),
  • Screen brightness changes in quarter-steps: Shift-Option+brightness button
  • Volume changes in quarter step increments: Shift-Option+volume button
  • holding ‘shift’ while changing the volume mutes the audible ‘beep’ – great for parties.
  • cmd + tab switches applications, while held, you can also choose what application you want my clicking on the icon.
  • Find yourself often using the same menu option within an application? Then consider creating a keyboard shortcut straight to it from within System preferences, Keyboard and Application Shortcuts within that. Click the plus button to then choose the specific application, the menu based shortcut and the keyboard shortcut you would to like to assign. Example –  Wendy made a shortcut to ‘Print PDF.


By the way have you ever checked out the gestures build into OSX through you trackpad or Magic Trackpad?

Have a look at Apple’s page of how to’s:




Mac Aid is qualified.

Mac Aid, ever pushing forward, congratulate Stuart and Jimmy on succesfully completing the iPhone and iPad Technical Training for Enterprise training program.

Read more here.


News From the Apple World

Apple set to release Mountain Lion..

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