June 2012 – Apple News

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News From the Apple World

Apple announced a number of new goodies recently, including upgrades to the Mac line-up which now all sport the Ivy Bridge processors.

Firstly a new Macbook Pro 15 inch model with a Retina display have been released offering a Solid State harddrive, the Ivy Bridge processor and a very high resolution Retina screen at 15 inches all packed into a slim form factor. If you are familiar with the new iPad or iPhone 4 and up then you could probably imagine what working on one of these would be like. As Apple puts it “everything presented to you on the screen will be remarkably vibrant, detailed and sharp”.


The model is more of larger Macbook Air than a smaller Macbook Pro as it looses it’s Firewire and Ethernet connections, though Apple have released Thunderbolt to Ethernet and Firewire adapters resolving this issue. The Retina Macbook Pro also has soldered RAM which means like the Macbook Air, it is unable to be upgraded at a later date. The advice that comes with this is to consider purchasing the Macbook with the 16GB RAM option as it should provide considerable more life for upcoming operating systems and software updates.

The existing Macbook Air and Pro line also received a speed bump with the addition of the previously mentioned Ivy Bridge processor and a slight price reduction, meaning you get more power for less dollars than ever. The Harddrive’s in the Macbook Airs are significantly faster as is the new video cards in the Pro line.


The Airport Express also received an update now sporting an Apple TV look and simultaneous dual-band 802.11n which lets Wi-Fi-enabled devices connect to it’s network on the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless bands.


In Apple software news iOS6 was announced with Siri enhancements and Facebook integration and Mountain Lion gets a release date and price of A$20.99


By the way..

As we’re near the end of June we thought to mention again that Mobile me is ending on June 30.

For those using Mobile me, it’s time to move to iCloud.

New subscribers will not be accepted, however current ones are still able to access everything as usual through to June 30.

For more information on the move from Mobile me to iCloud, check out the Apple’s link below:


Mac Aid says bon voyage to Wendy for a spell.

Have a safe trip, and enjoy Holland Wendy.

Read more here.


Tip of the Month

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