May 2012 – Apple News

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FileMaker 12 available now

FileMaker, Inc.have released the FileMaker 12 database software line. Version 12 has proved to be a serious update providing some great features but requiring some thought into the upgrade process.



As per FileMaker’s press release.

FileMaker 12 launches a new era for databases, empowering users to create stunning custom database apps for iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac and the web.

FileMaker Pro 12 features beautiful new themes and Starter Solutions, powerful iPad, iPhone and desktop design tools, and superior file management for today’s media-intensive applications. FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced adds additional development and management tools.

The FileMaker Go 12 for iPad and iPhone apps are available free on the App Store. The free download of FileMaker Go 12 makes it amazingly easy for everyone to run iOS database apps created by FileMaker Pro 12.

There are a couple of things to note also:

FileMaker Pro 12 databases only work with other FileMaker 12 software. Files from previous versions of FileMaker Pro must be converted to the new file format to be shared with FileMaker Pro 12/Pro 12 Advanced. This format is not backwards compatible with previous versions of FileMaker, ie if you upgrade your FileMaker Server database then you must unanimously upgrade all clients to version 12 also.

Only OSX 10.6 and 10.7 is supported so any prior operating systems will have to be updated.

If you have FileMaker version 11, 10 or 9 you can purchase an upgrade version (version 9 upgrade valid until September 27th, 2012) , if you’re 8.5 and earlier then you must purchase the full version.

We have access to all versions of Filemaker 12 and if you were interested we can help with the best upgrade path and installation.

For more info click the link.


Generic Press Release


Contact us at Mac Aid for pricing.

Tip of the Month

You probably have or know of someone who has a story or two about some terrible loss of data at some point. Click to read about the basics of backing up your system

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Mac Aid welcomes a new staff member

We are pleased to welcome another technician to our line up: Mr Sergio Pacheco.

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Daylite 4 released

Marketcircle have released Daylite 4, their business and productivity management application for Mac OSX and iOS. The new version, released today, is a major upgrade from previous versions offering some fantastic changes including a more streamlined workflow and interface and enhanced integration within the Daylite eco-system of applications. Read on for more info.
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