April 2012 – Mac Aid News

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Hassle free consumable experience. 

We know that ordering consumables can be a hassle, you need to figure out what products you need, then where to buy them, where they’re in stock and possibly even make a trip to go get them.Mac Aid want to take this hassle away from you.

Register your printer with us to be supplied with an individually numbered sticker that will be assigned to your printer model information and applicable supplies. Attach the sticker to the printer for future reference.

When it comes time to order stock, simply contact Mac Aid (use the QR code for contact details if required- see below), tell us the number on your sticker, what you need, be it toner, drum, magenta ink we can quickly have it drop shipped to you directly. Ordering becomes a hassle free affair.


Sticker looks like this one below, with QR code for contact details. Go ahead try it.


To register contact us here at the office and we’ll set you up, and send out a sticker to attach to your printer. Easy.



If you were interested in recycling rather than disposing of your cartridges, then consider dropping them to us next time you’re in.  Or you can give them to our technician when they visit you.

Tip of the Month

Apple release updates to disable the Flashback Trojan.
Read more here.

Adobe set to release CS6

Adobe are getting ready to release CS6 and have also announced that through to May 6th, if you purchase CS5.5 you will receive CS6 FREE once it ships.
Read more here.