October 2011 – Mac Aid News

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News From the Mac Aid World

As well as demonstrating to our clients and potential clients that we have the appropriate skills and expertise to be recognised by the program, the Apple Consultants Network will assist in the professional development of our staff. The information and seminars offered by the program will help us stay up to date with Apple technologies, and how they can apply to our clients and potential clients. We believe professional development is vital to train, maintain and retain quality staff and effectively look after our clients.

The ACN will also help us to offer our unique mix of skills and expertise to a wider section of the Apple user community.

This is an exciting development for Mac Aid. For more information on the Apple Consultants Network program, visit

Tip of the Month

With the release of iOS5 late last week we thought it would be prudent to mention some tips and experiences of our own on the matter.
Please note, before updating, please back up your phone by letting it Sync fully with iTunes. If you get asked to apply the update, then click cancel and make sure you have a recent backup completed. You can always wait to update; waiting for a later version (i.e. 5.1 or 5.0.1) usually fixes any major bugs and saves you from spending time troubleshooting.
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News From the Apple World

You have probably read somewhere about the release of the iPhone 4s; while not the iPhone 5 many were hoping for, the iPhone 4s still provides a major speed bump, much improved camera and a redesign of the antenna.. However it’s the voice control application named Siri that’s making an interesting wave of excitement and it’s functionality seems broad to say the least.
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