November 2011 – Tip of Month

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Tip of the Month

Keychain’s ‘know it all’ ability is something that I have always been weary of. I’ve never liked the idea of keeping too much personal information and passwords on a portable computer but as it turns out, it’s actually very secure.

Keychain is user specific and requires a password to access any specific information such as passwords and make any changes, so unless you don’t have a password on your computer (set one now if you don’t) it’s safe against other users of that machine.
In fact Keychain is much, much more secure than many commonly adopted methods of storing that personal info, from ‘little black books’ to that all important ‘sticky’ note with logins and credit card details.

A neat way to store your most valuable information is to create a new keychain, name it what you want, and then attribute a specific password to it. Whether it’s logins, passwords, or even secure notes this can become your personal little black book, hidden away and completely secure with an independent password from the rest of your system. .

News From the Mac Aid World + Win an IPad 2

The impending retirement of one of Melbourne’s favourite Mac Tech’s, John Proctor.

John has announced his retirement to the warmer climates of the north and though he may be with us for a while yet we must begin our search for a suitable technician to step into the role.
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News From the Apple World

Speed bump to MacBook Pro laptops.

Apple #4 on Greenpeace’s annual ranking of electronic manufacturers by environmental criteria.
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