Wholesale Solutions

We provide Wholesale Apple Mac support to allow you to offer your clients a total solution, giving you a competitive advantage.

Mac Aid provides Apple Macintosh support services and solutions for IT companies that don’t have the skill set to support the Apple Mac environment. Many businesses have some Apple computers in a design department, or some other section of the business.

Mac Aid can provide support to this part of your customers environment, allowing you to offer them a total solution, and giving you a competitive advantage. Mac Aid can support you in two ways;

For your established clients, we can bill you, the IT Company, directly at a wholesale rate. You can then on-bill the client with your margin, and retain control.

For those Apple Mac enquiries where you want no other involvement, Mac Aid will pay a once off referral fee, and bill the client directly.

In all cases, the choice is yours. Contact us today to find out more.