Remote Support

We have designed our remote support service with your security and safety in mind. This means that our Burnley office handles it all. It will never be outsourced or completed outside of our site. Additionally, we simply charge for the time spent with our technicians, so no callout fee.

Gaining Access

We can only gain access to your device with your authorisation. Each new session will generate a different password.

  1. Ensure that you are on a secure internet connection
  2. Download the software relevant to your operating system
  3. Contact our office on 1800 762 040 to arrange a service
  4. Open the software and be ready to provide the technician with your User ID and Unique Password

Please download the appropriate version using one of theseĀ links.

For OSX 10.7 or Newer click here

For OSX 10.6 click here

For Windows click here

TeamViewer EULA
For uninstall instructions click here