Prepaid IT Support Services

Mac Aid offers Prepaid IT Support Blocks, perfect for regular support requests or ad-hoc assistance.

By prepaying for our services, we can offer you and your business a better hourly rate and a simpler accounts process. Therefore, giving you the certainty of knowing that your staff can make a trouble-free request for a service with one of our knowledgeable technicians.

These prepaid blocks can be applied to a variety of IT support, to list a few:

  • Technical support
  • Network review
  • Backup monitoring
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Cover IT annual leave
  • and much more….

Lastly, we will send out monthly reports on your usage. This includes the time billed, which technician attended and what work they performed.

Mac Aid’s Prepaid IT Support Blocks:

  • 10 hours for $1,900 ex GST – effective $190 per hour
  • 20 hours for $3,600 ex GST – effective $180 per hour
  • 40 hours for $6,800 ex GST – effective $170 per hour
  • 100 hours for $16,000 ex GST – effective $160 per hour

Prepaid hours don’t expire unless you don’t transact with us in any way for over 12 months.

Getting started has never been easier, simply contact our office on 1800 762 040.

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