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Whether you are from a small office base, working in design and advertising or a large practice in the medical industry, our technicians can help you get the most out of your software. As our clients do work in a variety of different industries, we can also design and implement solutions tailored to your specifications.

Here are just some of what we can help you with.

Daylite CRM

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Mac Aid specialises in installing and customising the Daylite CRM. Read through to find great reasons for using Daylite and for having Mac Aid to design and implement it for you. Once it’s ready, we provide the training for your staff.

What is CRM and why do I need it?

Build institutional knowledge and boost your bottom line while making doing business easier.

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Imagine getting a call from a client you haven’t dealt with in ages, and having at your fingertips the full history of emails, tasks, projects and opportunities relating to them. All invoices and transactions; a full and complete history of your relationship with the client for you to refer to.

How much better could your customer service be if you had all this information available?

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could easily track your sales and marketing pipelines, automatically generating emails and communications or prompting for follow up activity when they are needed to maximise your marketing efforts?

What if you could track when a client last bought from you and, after, as they start to go stale, contact them to try and reactivate them as a client?

What would happen to your business’ productivity and reliability if you could delegate tasks and projects, link them to the relevant client, who in turn is linked to the relevant organisation, and then track the ownership and progress of these tasks?

The ability to easily maintain this kind of institutional and management knowledge is why you need an effectively implemented CRM.

I need CRM for Mac, why is Daylite a great option?

More than just a CRM (and native to Mac too)

A business productivity manager designed to help you manage your team and your business. Daylite is more than just a CRM. It can be used to manage your company’s projects, contacts, meetings, sales, tasks, appointments, notes, and email.

Great for Multi-user Productivity.

Your whole organisation can use Daylite. You can delegate tasks to co-workers and collaborate on projects. You can also access shared calendars and schedule meetings. Sharing all the information you and your colleagues need to move your business forward.

Makes Sense for Single Users Too.

It can be quite a daunting task; running a small business by yourself. Helping you to work smarter instead of harder, Daylite allows you to stay on top of the important things, even when working alone. Daylite is easily scalable so it can grow alongside your business if you decide to expand into a multi-user organisation.

Daylite has three key components, all focused on today’s cutting edge hardware from Apple; Daylite for Mac, Daylite Touch for iPad, and Daylite Touch for iPhone.

No matter if you are in the office, on the road, or waiting in line for a movie, your critical business information will be easily accessible. You’ll have the information needed to make important business decisions, and the tools to move things forward, even when you are on the other side of the world from your employees.

I know I want Daylite, why should I get it from Mac Aid?

With Mac Aid you’ll get the job done right.

Not only do we have fully qualified Daylite Consultants, but Mac Aid is a Certified Daylite Partner and has been a Partner since January 2005. Obviously Marketcircle trusts us and recognises our expertise.

Location is not a limitation, we can install and manage Daylite remotely. We have clients that live across Australia, from Perth to Brisbane. We also work with remote servers based in New York and South Africa. All achieved from our humble Melbourne base.


Kerio Connect

Kerio connect, email hosting, business email, software

Mac Aid specialises in installing and managing Kerio Connect. Here, you’ll find some great reasons to move onto the Kerio platform, and why this move should be completed by Mac Aid.

I need a mail server, what makes Kerio a great option?

Sure it handles mail, but Kerio is really a collaboration platform

Increase productivity throughout your organisation with Kerio collaboration tools such as sharing calenders, mail folders, address books, and more.

Kerio mail server certainly does email, but not all emails are created equally. Kerio email is an ActiveSync based Push mail. This means your email will automatically get ‘pushed’ to your inbox when it arrives on the server.

Enjoy automatic syncronisation of your mail, contacts and calendars across as many computers and mobile devices as you want. No more plugging your iPhone into your computer to sync mail, contacts or calendars. Nor having different records held between a variety of devices.

Access your mail, calendars and contacts from anywhere, even on someone else’s computer. Kerio mail sever has a powerful webmail interface, meaning that if you are caught without your computer or mobile device, you can still access everything with an internet connection.

You’ll enjoy the low support costs of a Kerio mail sever installation. The stability of Kerio means it requires less support than most other mail servers or collaboration platforms.

Have peace of mind that your important data is safe. Kerio’s easy to use backup and restore features, combined with its platform independance and easy virtualisation, make securing your Kerio data a simple operation.

I want Exchange, what is this Kerio thing?

An Exchange competitor, with some very real advantages!

Kerio has a lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) than Exchange. Things like lower licencing costs and lower support costs, keep the Kerio TCO well below that of an equivilent Exchange installation.

Kerio’s easy integration into either a Windows or Macintosh (or mixed) environment, makes Kerio a flexible solution for your organisation.

Kerio’s powerful webmail interface will give everyone in your organisation the ability to access and manage their account from anywhere. Even if they don’t have access to their own machine or device.

With built in spam filtering, Kerio saves you the cost and administrative overhead of an external or third party spam filtering service.

Kerio is platform independent, and easy to virtualise, making it a very flexible platform. Helping you to reduce your hardware footprint, and making disaster recovery planning easier.

I know I want Kerio, why should I get it from Mac Aid?

With Mac Aid you’ll get the job done right.

Several of our staff are fully Qualified as Kerio Technicians and Mac Aid as a company is a Certified Partner. Obviously Kerio trusts us and recognises our expertise.

We have installed and managed installations ranging from 5 to 130 users and we currently manage more than 25 Kerio Connect Servers.

Location is not a limitation, we can install and manage Kerio remotely, and have worked with remote servers in New York and South Africa, all from our Melbourne base.


Moneyworks – Mac Accounting Software

moneyworts, accounting, software

Mac Aid specialises in installing and customising MoneyWorks. Below you will find great reasons for implementing MoneyWorks as your accounting software. You will also discover why you should use Mac Aid to design, implement and integrate this tool.

I need an accounting software for Mac. Why is Moneyworks a great option?

Native to Mac, and without many of the cross platform compatibility headaches of most competitors, MoneyWorks accounting software is a great choice.

A great first reason is that MoneyWorks accounting software is built for the Mac and gives you that familiar ‘Mac user interface’ feel we know and love!

It just gets better when you find out that it also has a Windows version. Unlike other Accounting softwares ‘cross platform’ versions, MoneyWorks achieves this seamlessly. Being fully cross compatible, makes it fast and easy to move data from Mac to Windows and back.

Beyond that, MoneyWorks accounting software offers a host of other features including :

  • Meeting all appropriate accounting standards
  • Being highly customisable and easy to personalise
  • Having a lower TCO than other mainstream accounting packages
  • No problems getting GST right (unlike some other packages)
  • Good integration with other favourite apps like Filemaker and Daylite
  • The Accountant receives a free copy to complete your accounts, and
  • Support is on a pay per use basis rather than a $600 pa subscription.
    We think you’ll find it a winner.

I want MYOB - what is this Moneyworks accounting software thing?

Native to Mac, but with cross-platform compatibility that leaves competitors in the dust, Moneyworks accounting software is a great accounting option for Mac and Windows users alike.

MoneyWorks accounting software does what MYOB does, but does it much better. It can handle GST without a whole lot of hassle compared with MYOB.

When you change over, you’ll find MoneyWorks easily converts files from other software packages to the MoneyWorks format.

MoneyWorks accounting software was built for the Mac environment, and integrates well with favourite Mac productivity apps like Filemaker and Daylite. Windows users shouldn’t despair, there is a Windows version which, unlike some other accounting packages ‘cross-platform’ versions, is completely compatible. This makes it fast and easy to move data from Mac to Windows and back.

MoneyWorks offers many other features. These include meeting all appropriate accounting standards, being highly customisable and easy to personalise, having a lower TCO than other mainstream accounting packages, and Money Works has no little niggley problems with getting GST right.

Produced by a New Zealand company, MoneyWorks is relatively local, friendly and contactable. Not to mention their support is on a pay per use basis, and not a $600 annual subscription.

Combining the lower licencing costs and the cheaper support model, you’ll find the TCO of MoneyWorks accounting software is significantly lower than other mainstream Accounting packages.

We think you’ll be blown away by what the package offers.

I know I want Moneyworks, why should I get it from Mac Aid?

With Mac Aid you’ll get the job done right.

Not only do we have a MoneyWorks consultant available, but Mac Aid is a Certified MoneyWorks Partner. Obviously Cognito trusts us and recognises our expertise.

We actually use the MoneyWorks platform for all our company’s accounting, so we know exactly how it works and how to get the most out of it.

We can provide you with quick and efficient training on use of the software. This includes how to get it to work just right for your business.

If you want to implement MoneyWorks in a Windows environment, we can help you in that too.

Just because you’ve noticed that a Mac environment usually scares the pants off a Windows technician, don’t make the mistake of thinking that Mac Aid techs can’t sort out Windows and mixed environment solutions.


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