Welcome to Mac Aid

Your Mac Support Specialists

Mac Aid has a team of passionate, talented and qualified Apple support technicians and engineers. Here to help your business get the most from your Mac systems. We are people first, and pride ourselves on the solution, rather than just the technology.

If you are looking for reliable Mac support and friendly service, Mac Aid will deliver. With our remote service, we can connect to you nation and world wide. Our clients live as far afield as New York and South Africa! For those who live in the Melbourne Metropolitan area, we also have our onsite support option, all for your convenience.

Whether you need our full Apple support services such as regular maintenance, project and implementation, or the occasional ad-hoc support, including assisting internal IT staff when needed. No doubt you will find it helpful to have us on call.

Who Do We Help?

Mac Aid supports clients in a variety of industries, from the traditional Mac stalwarts design & print, to construction, architecture, not for profit and the arts. We even have technicians that are experienced in installing and maintaining software specially designed for the medical industry.

Mac Aid understands that businesses come in a variety of different sizes. We provide support to businesses that have less than five users based at a single site, to larger businesses with many users and that operate from multiple sites.

So no matter what your area of expertise or what size your business is, we are here to help.