If you have multiple staff/users working with Mac or Windows based PC, having a server can provide ease in workflow and productivity. Read further to find out more.

What is a server?

A server is a computer dedicated to providing services to multiple computers and/or users.

Typically these services include one or more applications such as file sharing, mail, web, backup and/or database.

Servers are crucial in running your business. This allows for to collaboration and sharing of data and information, and creating centralised control of that information.

I don't have a server, why would I want one?

If your business has more than one staff member, a server can help to improve information sharing, collaboration and efficiency, whilst allowing you to have centralised control of the information.

Properly considered and implemented, this can help support growth in your business.

What kind of server should I get?

Should I get a Mac, Windows server, or NAS?

The choice of server platform can be complex. For that reason, it is important to get professional advice before making a decision.

At Mac Aid we look into a range of factors in order to find the best server solutions for you. Typical questions we ask include:

  • What is your intended use?
  • What services do you intend to run now and in the future?
  • How many users will be using these services?
  • What type of devices will you be using?
  • Where will these devices be used?

We encourage you to contact us for an on-site consultation about your unique and individual requirements.

Why should I choose Mac Aid to help me with my server?

At Mac Aid we treat technology as a business tool.

We start from the perspective that technology decisions should be driven by business needs. Mac Aid provides and supports solutions from a range of vendors, and recommends solutions that are in the best interest of your business.

We will ask questions, listen, assess and then recommend solutions based on your business needs and goals. We aim to provide long term solutions, rather than focusing on technology for technology's sake.

It is this holistic approach to IT that our customers really appreciate.

What about this Cloud thing?

The cloud can be thought of as “someone else’s server”. It can be an excellent way of providing services for your business.

The following will need to be considered:

  • Where do you work from?
  • How good is the internet connection?
  • How much data is involved?
  • How will you backup the data?
  • Security - Data sovereignty - If your internet connection cuts out, what is the impact?

To discuss the implications and work out what is right for you, book one of our qualified Technicians for a consultation.