If you have multiple staff/users working with Mac, Linux or Windows based PC, having a server can provide ease in workflow and productivity. Read further to find out more.

What is a Server?

A server is a computer program that is assigned to provide services to multiple computers and/or users. In order to smoothly run a business and to have uniform data across its files, a server is a must. It also allows users to collaborate and share data and information plus acting as the centralised control of all the data and information.
As the business grows, having a server becomes more important in keeping the business organised and efficient. It can manage a user’s level of accessibility on the network. It handles the websites, emails, databases and other tasks.

What Type of Server Should I Get?

Choosing the right platform can be complex and for that reason, it is important to get professional advice before making a decision.
You will need to consider aspects such as:
• The operating systems of your computers (macOS or Windows)
• What do you intend to use it for? (email, website, database)
• How many users need connecting?
• What type of devices are used? (desktops or laptops)
• Where will these devices be used? (in the office, on the road, at home)

server rack, laptops, desktops

Why Choose Mac Aid?

At Mac Aid, we treat all technology as a business tool. Mac Aid provides and supports solutions from a range of vendors. Simply put, we will recommend solutions that most closely aligns with your business requirements.


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