Preventative Maintenance Program

A preventative maintenance program identifies issues before they develop into problems that cause you to lose time and data.

Mac Aid’s Preventative Maintenance Program comprises of two elements: Monitoring and Maintenance.

Mac Aid Monitoring

Wouldn't it be great if your computer could let us know if a problem is developing?

Now it can with Mac Aid! Our simple, non-invasive software, reports issues to our tech team as soon as they are detected (in many cases, before you even realise something is going wrong).

Nobody likes surprises.

Our monitoring software lets us know when certain problems occur. It means that we proactively resolve issues before they become critical. Monitoring can also prevent any unnecessary downtime resulting from these failures.
No need to start it up, it simply works quietly behind the scenes, so you won't even know its there.
By subscribing to our preventative monitoring program, you will have the peace of mind knowing that we are constantly monitoring your machine's general health.

What does it monitor?

There is a large range of metrics that are reported on and in some cases, it depends on the software that is running on your computer. Just a few examples of the systems and resources we monitor include:

  • Available free space
  • Memory and machine configuration
  • Hard drive and RAM health
  • Hard drive capacity
  • RAID status
  • Server status
  • Known malware checks
  • Time Machine backup status

How much does it cost?

Pricing starts from as little as $10 per month.

Scheduled Maintenance

What is scheduled maintenance?

Scheduled maintenance involves a regular visit from a Mac Aid technician to your business. During each maintenance session, we can solve all of the little problems that you do and don't find yourselves. This will avoid them becoming major and disruptive later down the track.

Without scheduled maintenance, businesses often find themselves suffering a loss of productivity, as minor errors and problems gradually slow down the users' machines or force them to use workarounds. Problems can lead to increased support costs, as users call for technical assistance for minor issues on a regular basis, leaving the business owner to foot the bill.

Having these regular maintenance visits, helps businesses control costs and improve reliability and productivity amongst their staff.

What does regular maintenance look like?

Whilst every business is different and will have their own set of requirements, the technician will usually:

  • Inspect individual workstations for issues
  • Review servers
  • Check that software is up to date and security patches applied
  • Tidy users and user groups
  • Audit logs for errors
  • Review firewall settings to prevent digital threats.

How frequent are these visits?

Visit frequency is generally recommended by the technician. During the first visit to your site, we will consult with you to determine the best fit.
Frequency is also based on the size and complexity of your network. Regular maintenance is commonly fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly. Ultimately the decision is up to you.
We cater to your needs and help work out something that not only meets your budget requirements but works best for you and your business.

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