Networking Solutions

Networking Infrastructure

In today’s ever-increasing reliance on technology, having the right IT network is a must. Without the right capabilities, your network could suffer from problems such as:
– Slow or interrupted networking
– Issues sharing files between computers
– Trouble with printing
– Limited website accessibility

By using Mac Aid, we will make sure that your business meets the demands of today. Providing you with the solutions that cater to your budget and requirements.


Networking People

Employing new staff is nothing new in the workplace. It requires them to have the right working profile to use within the network. Sounds simple, if you know what you are doing. If you don’t, it can lead to variations in what access should and should not be available to the new user.

This is where we come in. We set up new user profiles with:
– Accessibility to the appropriate applications, thus avoiding licensing issues
– Ensuring the correct level of accessibility to files, either as read-only, read & write or no access
– Email account setup, including signature creation and access to any other inboxes 


Network Security

How well guarded is your sensitive and valuable information that is being held on your network?

In this day and age, our increasing reliance on technology has lead to information becoming more and more valuable. This has also lead to hackers and other third-party intruders finding new ways in accessing weak points within your network security to gain a hold of your information.

With one of our technicians reviewing your security, we can ensure that only authorised users can gain access to the network. We also set up security parameters to minimise and prevent any unauthorised entry.

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