Data Recovery

Data recovery can mean a range of things.

It could be anything from not being able to find an important file, your email going missing, or a whole file system or hard drive failure.

If you are reading this website from the computer which is missing the data, please write down our phone number (1800 762 040), shut the machine down immediately and call us.

The more you use a computer that may have lost data, the smaller the likelihood of our being able to implement data recovery.

Data Recovery is generally best handled as a carry in service.

Our technicians will assess your situation, and decide which course of action has the best chance of data recovery. Unfortunately it’s not possible to guarantee that your data is recoverable.

If the data loss is due to a faulty hard drive we can replace your hard drive, and get your machine up and running quickly, while we work on recovering your data.

We can also help you implement an effective backup plan to help reduce the risk of data loss in the future.