Mac Aid Services

At Mac Aid we offer a wide range of services

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative Apple system maintenance program can identify issues before they can develop into problems that can cause you to lose time or data.

Data Recovery

From not being able to find an important file, your emails going missing, or a whole file system or hard drive failure, our technicians will assess your situation, and decide which course of action has the best chance of data recovery.

IT Strategy

Mac Aid believe in the solution rather than just the technology, meaning we want to work with you to help meet your objectives, define and plan your IT strategy, infrastructure and budget.

Business Software Solutions

At Mac Aid we are specialists in Mac-based software solutions to help your business.

Trouble Shooting

At Mac Aid we offer three distinct services:

  • Onsite Apple Support Services
  • In-house/ Carry In Services
  • Remote Apple Support Services


Contact us for all your procurement needs.

Networking Solutions

Get help with Reliability, Performance & Security.


Properly considered and implemented,a server can help support growth in your business.

Wholesale Solutions

We provide Wholesale Apple Mac support to allow you to offer your clients a total solution, giving you a competitive advantage.