About Mac Aid

Jason started Mac Aid as a sole trader business on 1st April 2004, out of the back room of his house in Clayton South,

He created this Mission Statement, which still stands true today:

To provide the most responsive, high value, high integrity support possible, to Mac users across our Service area.

By early 2005, Mac Aid had a casual employee, and Wendy came home on maternity leave for her and Jason’s first child. She went straight to work answering phones, doing admin, sales and basic in-house service.

Mac Aid incorporated on 1st April 2005, and by March the next year, employed a full-time technician.

It was fast becoming impractical to operate from the home in Clayton, and we realised that as the bulk of our client base is in the inner city. We could improve our response times if we moved more centrally to this area, so on 1st July 2006 we moved into our Burnley Office.

Since then the team has grown and diversified into a well rounded team that offers a wide range of skills and knowledge to our clients.

Our Values

Mac Aid’s aim is still to provide the most responsive, high value, high integrity Apple support possible to Mac users across our service area.

We help Apple users get the most out of their systems. Ultimately, using their Apple technology to improve their life, either at home, or by making their business run more efficiently and to be more profitable.

The service and advice we provide drives productivity for businesses, and helps them use their Apple technology to make a real difference to their bottom line.

Mac Aid fosters a culture of professional development, sharing and win-win amongst our staff, and to provide exceptional value to our clients. We help them find solutions to their problems they may not have even considered, and aim to leave our clients feeling richer than when we met them.

We value integrity, honesty, respect, and long term value, and believe good business should be a net positive for both parties.